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1 Chat rooms

1.1 Harpies Nest—Chat room for psychopaths

Discord invite: https://discord.gg/Q87jHAVWFY.

Harpies Nest is a community for psychopaths and people high in trait psychopathy.

  • We are proud of being on the top of the food chain. We do not pander to the weak.
  • We value logic over emotions.
  • This is not a “safe space” and we are not politically correct.
  • We do not care about official diagnoses.
  • We are not there to validate insecure people.
  • We have a big tent. Anybody that fits in the community is welcome.

Who this server is not for:

  • Moralfags (people who have a sense of morals they try to make others abide by).
  • People who think we are edgelords or larpers.
  • People looking for emotional support.
  • Sensitive people.
  • People with a fragile ego.
  • People who think losers deserve any support for being losers.
  • BSDM subs looking for a dominatrix.
  • Lurkers and idlers.

1.2 XMPP?

XMPP is a decentralized protocol for instant messaging. Register an account in the server of your choice. For a list of public servers, see https://list.jabber.at/. Alternatively, you can run your own XMPP server. For a client program, I recommend Gajim for *top computer and Blabber for computer-phones. For a list of other clients see https://xmpp.org/software/clients.html.

2 Articles

3 Donations

Donate via Bitcoin to the address bc1qgauxxcm7x472mrfezvkpv0qu7yvr63z8fa2wg7. Donations are used to pay the cost of the server and domain names of the web site.

4 Contact

To reach me, write by XMPP. E-mail is slow. I do not check it often. It bores me and I am unlikely to give you attention through it.

4.1 Rules and notes

These apply for interacting with me.

  1. Do not write to say just “Hello”. Say something relevant.
  2. If you can not take me being blunt, that is your problem.
  3. If you dislike my arrogance, that is your problem.
  4. I do not care about your morals/ethics/convictions/etc.
  5. I am not changing myself for you in any way.
  6. I will give rational advice if you deserve it. I do not give emotional comfort.
  7. If you ask me to do something, there must be a rational reason for me to do it, even if only relieving my boredom.
  8. I do not argue nor debate. I tell you why you are wrong.
  9. If you want my respect, earn it.
  10. If you want to get along with me, initiate conversations and tell me about things I may care about. I forget about people who are not active with me.
  • Library Genesis: A digital library for scientific books.
  • Sci-Hub: A digital library for scientific papers.
  • Directory of Open Access Journals: Listing of open access scientific journals and search engine for open access articles.
  • PubMed: Search engine for biology-related papers.
  • PubChem: Database of small molecules with computed and measured properties, and listings of the published literature on the relevant compound.
  • DrugBank: A database of pharmaceuticals and data relevant for their application (commercial names, interactions, et cetera).
  • Binding DB: Data base of binding affinity and related assays.
  • HUGO Gene Nomenclature. In the literature, proteins are often named the same as the gene they are coded in, but note that some genes encode several proteins (e.g.: D2R encodes 2 types of dopamine receptors).
  • Roche Metabolic Pathways (thanks to A. for making me aware of this web site).
  • “Shortcut to female voice”: Recommendations for MTF voice training.
  • Audacity: Free software for editing audio. Can be used to record and analyze one’s voice.
  • The board /lgbt/ in 4channel. It has a running series of /HRTgen/ threads about MTF pharmacology and practical concerns and a list of online pharmacies that sell HRT pharmaceuticals. I can not vouch for nor against any of the online pharmacies listed there because I have not used them.