1 The Alinist-Ksenist Manifesto#

The sexes are not equal, each has its virtues and flaws. The main virtue of the male sex is its sheer reasoning power. In the past, the strength of the male was an advantage. 1000 years ago, if a rock was to be lifted, all the energy required for lifting it had to come from beasts or –from what amounted to the same– men. Now we have machines stronger than the strongest man or team thereof that can be assembled. In the few activities where human strength is an advantage, this signals the need for more technological development, for it is precisely those activities the ones that should be performed by machines, so that humans are freed for more worthy endeavors. The female body is beautiful with its fine facial features, graceful curves, soft and pale skin, and dainty hands, arms, legs and feet. The male body is ugly and insensitive; indeed, it had to be given the tasks that were required from it before automation. The female body can afford to be delicate and sensitive. It is freed from the duty of physical work, and thus it can afford to be beautiful.

Women’s bodies are made to be admired and pleasured. Men’s bodies are made for physical work.

Machines can be made strong easily, but they are only useful if they can apply force under the right conditions. To design and program them, an intelligent being capable of solving abstract problems is required. Machines are also capable of an immense power of computation when expressed in simple arithmetic and control flow directives. This can be put to applications to perform complex tasks by decomposing them into an unimaginable number of such simple operations (like rendering an HTML document that talks about the philosophy of transsexualism, or prove theorems) but doing so is hard, and requires both creativity and some ability to think rigorously. The contemporary male thus finds herself with a mind perfect for her time, but with a body that is well into its obsolescence and falling into irrelevance. Worse, she find herself charged by the price of a body evolved for tasks that are no longer relevant and she will not perform including among others, the burden of a thick skin that can endure abuse but can not enjoy the orgasmic pleasure of even something as simple as caresses.

But the male is also an inventive and curious creature. Her kind has found an almost magical substance capable to free herself from the slavery of a body designed for work: It is female hormones.

Behold! I teach you the way of the superhuman.

Transsexualism is a form of self-improvement. We are biologically male, or at least, we begin that way. We are attracted to women, but love women and femininity beyond simple sexual attraction. We modify our bodies using modern pharmacology (and sometimes surgery) to adopt the desirable traits of women, in specific, secondary sexual characteristics, while preserving those traits of men that are worth preserving. The sheer intelligence of men, the tact of a woman; the tall and slender body of a man, the graceful features of a woman; the courage of a man, the peacefulness of a woman; the stoicism of a man, the social skill of a woman. Obsolete no more, by means of transsexual transitioning, the now estrogenized male has upgraded herself to the best of both sexes and thus overcomes the weaknesses of both male and female.

We also call the result a trans woman. Men and women, male and female, are in the most strict sense defined by anatomy and physiology, thus “trans women” should be taken as idiomatic or allegorical if we are not to incur in absurdities. Notwithstanding that the upgraded male is still a male according to a rigorous interpretation, we find it appropriate for heuristic purposes to describe and refer to her as a woman. Although not necessary, it is recommendable that the trans woman dresses like any other woman would, using clothes designed to emphasize her new feminine beauty. To say she is a man would be as true as it is misleading. She looks like a woman, she smells like a woman; she behaves like a woman. Indeed, she may adopt the name and voice of a woman as an acknowledgment of her inspiration. She deserves to be treated as a woman at least as much as any other woman does. Indeed, the trans woman has more of a claim to womanhood than those women by birth who neither learn, practice, nor care about femininity and womanhood, because she has earned her femininity several times over with her blood, sweat and tears.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

2 The mindset for a smooth and successful transition#

The focus of transitioning should be on changing your secondary sexual characteristics (hormones, surgery, etc.). You should regard it as a body modification similar to “body building”. This is the only sensible approach if you value your social life, integrity, and self-respect.

If you believe that there is an “innate gender” which is unrelated to biology or society then you will inevitably create social problems for yourself. People might understand that one might want to be (or look like) a woman, but almost everyone takes “born in the wrong body” as a joke —especially if you were not previously flamboyant. If you do not look and are socially regarded as a woman, claiming that you are a woman in the inside and that people should respect your innate gender regardless of how you look is meaningless and futile. This at best makes people pity you and at worst makes them mock and bully you. The situation worsens if you dress in women’s clothing but still look like a man. This should be avoided first and foremost out of self-respect, and second out of respect for fellow trannies. You will also hurt yourself for thinking that people do not treat you the way you should be treated.

So what is the solution? Easy, just take your pills. You will eventually start to get weird looks and occasional “ma’am”s. That should be your cue to allow yourself to dress and act more feminine. But if you want to be fully socially regarded as a woman, then you should look like one. For most people hormones might not suffice. At that point you should seek cosmetic facial surgeries (“FFS”). As you look more feminine, dress more feminine, act and sound more feminine, people will regard you as such. You will not have to “come out” and make a fool out of yourself. The transition will be smooth and you will not be going against the grain. Most people in the street will not know anything; they will either see you as a man, feminine male or a woman depending on your stage of transition. Nobody will bother you outside, even if you are not in a liberal country. The only possible problems can come from your family, but that would depend on each person. But regardless, I can assure you that your family will receive “I am working on looking more feminine” much better than “I am a woman inside, my name is Taylor now, pronouns she/her.”.

In conclusion, chemically feminize yourself, dress appropriately at each stage of transition and be honest. Do not be a fool.

3 Miniessays

Miniessays are short essays originally published elsewhere and republished here with no or minimal adaption. Therefore note that it is easier to misinterpret without the original context.

3.1 Autogynephilia (AGP) is not about submissive sissy fetishes#

In its core, autogynephilia (AGP) is about your attraction to your self image as a woman. You have the control over what your AGP will entail. If you fantasize about imagining yourself as a porn star in a submissive role, then you will start to identify as such and you will require more of that fantasy to be sexually satisfied. However, if you fantasize about being the strong women characters on TV or history, such as Xena, or admire intellectual women, then you will start to see yourself as that and want to be that. The problem with the male AGP is that testosterone drives them, therefore their lives slowly start incorporate a rabbit hole of progressively more degrading sexual fantasies. To combat this, male AGPs should be allowed to start HRT from early teen years. As male AGPs get an equal ground to female AGPs with the help of exogenous hormones, we should work to eliminate the consumption and production of pornographic materials—which could be anything from porn movies to obscene billboard advertisements—degradeful to women and encourage the proliferation of the fictional and non-fictional strong and intellectual woman characters in our society.

3.2 We live in a unique era#

We have in a unique era where HRT is available and transsexuals are still a minority. Probably transsexuals did not exist before the 20th century when estradiol was discovered (cross-dressers not on HRT are not trans). In the 22th century probably it will become common and assimilated, like heavy metal fans. We have an unique opportunity to be part of the movement of transsexualism as a special clan, a rootless diaspora. We hide among ordinary people and we have a sense of mutual understanding and support like Jews. We are special in the way we want to be. In most countries we can still give our own narrative because people are not used to seeing trans people. Many of us are the only trans person that our acquaintances know. Enjoy it while it lasts: The era of transsexuals as a clan.

3.3 Non-binary without bullshit#

The term “non-binary” is predominantly used as an identity. It has been tainted by association with a post-truth attitude (one where feelings are held to matter more than facts when facts go against one’s feelings). Let us approach it differently from a factual perspective:

Can one be neither a “man” nor a “woman” in some sense of the word? Yes. In the day to day meaning “man” and “woman” are social roles that depend on the way one looks, sounds and behaves; day to day, reproductive anatomy and natal sex are irrelevant; we do not look at the genitals of strangers to decide whether to classify them as “man” or a woman; we classify based on their faces, voices, hair style and clothes.

Me and some trans friends transition motivated by an aesthetical and sexual desire. We want to look like women, because that is what we like. We do not seek to be a “woman” nor do we cling to being a “man”, rather we allow ourselves to combine whatever aspect of each we deem more desirable. Thus we have allowed ourselves to wear increasingly feminine clothes to match our biological transition (secondary sexual characteristics) as we progress in our physical transition. We have noticed that at one point in transition with feminine (but not blatantly female-exclusive) clothes, strangers will avoid gendering one. That is, they avoid using a language that would commit them to having classified us as either side in situations where for an unambiguously masculine man or unambiguously feminine woman they would do so. I posit that *this* is non-binary. It is a matter of an ambiguous presentation accomplished through use of female hormones and androgynous or feminine (but not too feminine) clothes, not a matter of identity. It would be interesting to know what goes in the mind of strangers when they see a non-binary MTF. Unfortunately, in languages where there exist grammatical sex like Spanish, prolonged interaction eventually forces the other party to commit to use either grammatical sex.